Conversation Lab

Each AYD session begins with Friday Conversation Labs that cover diverse and strategically important aspects of Polish foreign policy and contemporary diplomatic challenges in the international arena. Topics are based on current events and gather diplomats and recognized experts and think-tank representatives for 90 minute, off the record panel discussions and Q&A sessions .

Study Visits

Non-obligatory study visits are for students, who wish to meet with diplomats from embassies, international organizations, NGOs and institutions based in Warsaw. Thanks to that AYD students are able to learn not only about the policies implemented by the embassies, but also how the daily life of a diplomat looks like.


Keynote Address

Prominent diplomats, politicians and academicians lead the main session of each meeting of the Academy of Young Diplomats. VIP speakers share their vast experience and first-hand insight with students of AYD in an active lecture and Q&A session designed to give insider knowledge to the participants. Regular speakers we are honored to host at the Academy of Young Diplomats include: Professor Hanna Suchocka, MEP Michał Boni, Professor Grzegorz Kołodko, Professor Norman Davies, MEP Professor Jerzy Buzek, MEP Professor Danuta Huebner, Under Secretary of State, President Mikheil Saakashvili

AYD Specializations – Diplomacy in Practice – Skills Labs

Following the Keynote address, each session of the participants of the Academy of Young Diplomats undergo 5 additional hours of training, starting with one of three AYD Specializations (Polish Foreign Service, International Organizations, Security), followed by specialization thematic workshops (Diplomacy in Practice) and universal skills trainings (Skills Lab)
The unique aspect of the Academy of Young Diplomats is the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, tailored and adjusted to complement individual specializations.


Extracurricular classes

Extracurricular classes and workshops are conducted by officials working in public administration, Polish diplomacy and European institutions, who share with students of AYD their experience in preparing and successfully passing the recruitment process of various institutions. Trainers lead discussions on current affair related to entrance exams and assist participants by providing supplementary materials and practice tests for exam preparation.