Student Profile


In order to recruit the best participants, the EAD leadership, in consultation with the EAD Council of Ambassadors, senior lecturers and Alumni Club, has developed a student profile of the ideal EAD candidate. This profile is based on the values of the European Academy of Diplomacy and includes:

Global openness: AYD students are aware of the common challenges facing the global community and meet these challenges with engagement. They are proactive in seeking opportunities to gain experience in an international environment (through internships, volunteering and student exchange). They do not discriminate against other human beings based on religion, ethnicity, race, sex or country of origin.

Social involvement: AYD students dynamically contribute to their communities and their societies. They operate locally, regionally, nationally or globally to improve the well-being of people around them. Prospective candidates of the Academy of Young Diplomats are members of voluntary organizations, grass-root initiatives.

Professional development: AYD students strive for continuous personal and professional development. Both at university or at work, they are courageous in undertaking new projects and task, which move them out of their comfort zone. They understand their strengths and weaknesses and show willingness to develop both intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence (empathy, self-awareness, self-regulation and social skills).

This profile provides the Committee on Admissions with the basis for the verification of each application received. The ideal candidate is a person characterized by pro-activeness and commitment to each of these areas. Applicants for the Academy of Young Diplomats must be motivated to consciously and courageously strive to develop important skills useful in their future.