Christmas Savoir vivre 2021

December 13, 2021
2 hours


Ambassador Urszula Gacek
Polish Senator (2005-2007), Member of the European Parliament (2007-2011), HEAD OF THE OSCE/OGHIR ELECTION OBSERVATION MISSION TO THE USA (2021)


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Christmas Savoir-vivre

Christmas holidays are a magical time – although it’s a repeated slogan, it’s hard to deny it. Refined and unusual dishes, the smell of a Christmas tree, the power of gifts, the presence of loved ones – all this makes the atmosphere of Christmas special. The preparation stage and it’s ending, however, can also be a huge challenge – everyone who has ever consciously participated in the organization of this holiday knows it. Working in a constant rush, forced multitasking, applying the last corrections when guests are almost waiting on the doorstep – all this means that we are under a huge pressure of time and effect – because we want guests to appreciate our efforts and feel at our threshold just like at home. However, overwhelmed by many duties, we can forget about the extremely important elements that are often the key to success.

A special Christmas edition of the etiquette training was designed to remind participants of the most important principles of classic elegance in the shortest possible time. During the classes, they will be able to consult with an expert of the European Academy of Diplomacy on the challenges they face in the pre-Christmas period and during their duration. The lecturer will discuss the most common protocol errors, as well as issues and dilemmas that we encounter when celebrating this holiday, regardless of the ritual.

  • Savoir vivre at the table – how to seat guests, how to set the table, what cutlery to use, what glasses to drink from? Good manners at the buffet table. How to deal with “difficult” dishes. Drinks and alcohol

  • Presents: appropriate and inappropriate gifts

  • Wishes: holiday cards – especially to those who do not celebrate religious holidays

  • Company Christmas party. Gala dinner

  • How to behave so as not to commit a faux pas, that is, how not to make a blunder at the table, during a business, social or family party?

  • Some ground rules for “small talk”

  • AKA (ask me anything) session on savoir vivre topics with our lecturer

Avoiding problematic situations, gaining self-confidence during celebrations and parties, strengthening the image of a professional and tactful person, acquiring the ability to deal with blunders and unusual situations.

The training is aimed at everyone who wants to feel comfortable as a host and guest at festive Christmas lunches and dinners.

65 € or 300 PLN (including VAT)

The registration fee includes:

  • 2  hours of the online courses (webinar)
  • Certificate

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Webinar online via Zoom. Mini-lecture. Discussion between the lecturer and students. Q&A session.


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