In 2016 PZU Foundation and EAD inaugurated the PZU Scholarships project. With the support of the PZU Foundation, we granted 10 scholarships to outstanding candidates for the Program of the Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD). Within this project, 5 citizens from Poland and 5 citizens from Ukraine, Moldavia or Georgia received financial support for their participation in the AYD. This year’s 14th edition will bring together 200 young leaders from over 50 countries who will be educated within 3 unique specialization – two in English (International Organizations, International Security) and one in Polish and English (Polish Foreign Service).
The scholarship covers part or total of the AYD tuition fee. Please be advised that the scholarship does not cover the costs of accommodation, transportation, and meals during the program.


About the Program

The Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD) is an annual diplomatic program for emerging young global leaders, preparing future diplomats, civil servants and social entrepreneurs for international careers in a spirit of responsibility for the surrounding world. Addressed to senior students and young graduates, the program offers, among others, 70-hours of hands-on diplomatic training, a special workshop session, study visits and one study-session outside of Warsaw.
Since 2004 over 2200 participants from 50 countries have graduated from the Academy of Young Diplomats. Over 100 AYD Alumni found work in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of their respective countries, while others are employed in European institutions, international organizations, public administration and business.

Why to join AYD?

Unique Methodology: Since 2004 we have continuously been developing and perfecting our teaching methods. The uniqueness of the AYD program approach lays in the emphasis put on the development of practical skills, which are useful in the future international careers of our participants. Based on this approach, the program is a mixture of theory and practice. Participants gain knowledge and experience that is not offered by other educational institutions.

Highest quality of education: All AYD trainers are carefully selected and evaluated on as session-to-session basis. All of our top trainers have extensive experience in working with multinational groups. There professional background spans from diplomacy to international business. In addition, the AYD hosts a number of special guests: former Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Presidents, Prime Ministers or senior diplomats, who share with the students their professional experience in pursuing a successful international career. The Academy of Young Diplomats program has an accreditation of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Poland.

Extraordinary student profile: The participants of the Academy of Young Diplomats come from over 50 different countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Each of our students – guided by the program values of global openness, social involvement and professional development – contributes uniquely to the program. The Academy offers a networking platform for  young international leaders with similar interests, plans for the future and objectives. The intimate atmosphere of the Academy fosters a sustainable network of contacts. The friendships made during the program almost always extend well beyond the graduation date.

Openness and collaboration: The European Academy of Diplomacy is always eager to deepen and strengthen cooperation with the AYD participants.  Both during the program and after its completion, we assist our students and Alumni with new initiatives, conferences and other activities. We stay in touch with the graduates through the Alumni Club and reengage our Alumni in new programs which are constantly developed.

Assisting in future career: The European Academy of Diplomacy assists students in their effort to develop successful future careers by issuing professional recommendations and providing patronage for events organized by our students.

Detailed information about the program can be found here.


About the PZU Foundation

Since 2004, PZU Foundation carries out philanthropic activities of the PZU Group, that are a part of the strategy of social commitments of the company.

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the education of children and young people and equalisation of opportunities for persons with disabilities, as well as increase access to cultural and social life and support the development of civil society in various matters. “We help helping” is the motto of the Foundation, that is implemented by supporting strategic areas such as Education, Care and social assistance, Health care, Culture, and Art.

For more information about the PZU Foundation visit the website.

Scholarship Requirements 

Please ensure you meet the following criteria. Do not continue if you answer NO to any of these questions, as you will not be eligible for the PZU Scholarship:

– Are you student or graduate and a citizen of Poland, Ukraine, Georgia or Moldova?

– Do you have at least one year of working or volunteering experience in the nonprofit/NGO/social sector/cultural sector?

– Are you proficient in English (reading, writing, and speaking)?

– Are you able to commit to fulfilling all AYD Program requirements?

To fulfill the scholarship application process you are required to complete the AYD registration available in the tab Application Form and submit the following:

– Upload a short video,

– Curriculum vitae (Europass format),

– Contact information of 2 who can provide you with professional references (which should include, name and surname, e-mail address, phone number and the job title).

Applications will open in the 2nd round of recruitment (1 July 2017).

Before you start filling up this application form, please be informed that at the end of this form, you will need to upload a short video and your Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) to successfully submit this application. Therefore, please prepare these materials before you start filling up the form as this form does not have saving option. Applications without the attachments won’t be taken under the consideration.


Scholarship Requirements 

Applicants are required to create a two to three-minute video. Using a webcam, cell phone or video camera, and answer to the following points:
– Introduce yourself and summarize your professional background and social involvement,
– Describe the challenge that you and your friends are facing in your local environment and tell us how participation in AYD Program will help you to resolve it.

Convey your traits as a leader:
– Show ability to capture and engage the audience;
– Show great interpersonal skills;
– Possess the ability to speak with clarity, brevity, and structure.

A strong video takes time and practice, so please plan accordingly. We will not consider complex editing skills, visual effects or other elaborate elements. Your video should feature you and your ideas.

Please upload your video on video hosting websites such as YouTube, DropBox or Wetransfer. Please save the video using your full name and adjust the privacy settings so that only those with the URL or specific links are able to view the video. For YouTube video, please do not make your video private as we will not be able to access or view it.

We kindly inform you that applications will open in the 2nd round of recruitment (1 July 2017).

What are we looking for in AYD participants and PZU Foundation scholarship recipients?

Global openness: AYD students are aware of the challenges facing them in the modern world and meet them with engagement. They are proactive and actively seek opportunities to gain experience in an international environment (through internships, volunteering and student exchange).

Social involvement: AYD students dynamically contribute to the surrounding society. They operate locally as well as in the NGO sector. Prospective candidates of the Academy of Young Diplomats should not only end on the responsibilities of a student and employee but also support social activity.

Professional development: In the fields of science and professionalism the candidates stand out with their courage to take on difficult challenges at the same time being aware of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as possess the desire of continuous self-improvement. In the institutions and academic centers in which they operate, the candidates show passion and desire for constant development.

Is there an age or educational requirements for the Scholarship?

Yes. You have to at least 20 years old and have student status or university diploma.

If I have the residence permit in Poland/Georgia/Ukraine/Moldova can I apply for the PZU Foundation scholarship?

No. Only citizens of Poland, Ukraine, Georgia or Moldavia are eligible for the scholarship.

Do I need to provide recommendation letter?
No. You only need to provide the contact information for two professional references. They should people with whom you’ve worked with – not family, friends, or a spouse. Ideally one of these references should be a former supervisor. Your references may be contacted by the selection committee at any point via the email addresses and/or phone numbers you provide. You DO NOT need to provide a letter of recommendation as part of your application.

I have already submitted my application but I would like to make same changes. Is this possible?
Unfortunately, no – it is not possible. It is clearly stated on the application form and on the website that after you click the submit button you will no longer be able to make any changes. Once you’ve submitted your application, it is not possible to “unsubmit.”

The scholarship will cover part or total of the participation fee in one year log AYD Program. Does it mean I have to cover my travel cost to/from Warsaw during sessions, the cost of the visa, accommodation, and food?

Yes. The scholarship covers participation fee of the AYD. The program includes 6 three-days sessions in Warsaw, one workshop session, one external session in Krakow (accommodation and meals);study visits in the embassies and international organizations based in Warsaw.

I want to apply for the scholarship. When is the final date of the application submission?

Applications will be accepted from 1 July to 30 September 2017.

When I can expect the results of my application?

The scholarship applicants will be informed about the results via e-mail by 16 October 2017.