European Diplomacy Workshop: EU Foreign Policy Analysis

European Diplomacy Workshop: EU Foreign Policy Analysis

The Spring edition of the European Diplomacy Workshop: EU Foreign Policy was held on 27 March – 1 April 2017. This time, the program focused on the development of analytical skills and deepening of the understanding of the various dimensions of the EU external policy. The group of participants consisted of representatives of 13 nations (Albania, Armenia, Belgium, China, Croatia, Czechia, Ghana, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine), with backgrounds in academia, NGOs, governmental institutions, including  Ministries of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

The European Diplomacy Workshop covered different dimensions of the EU policies, including responses to the migration and refugee crises, relations with Western Balkans, Russia, Middle East and North Africa, EU decision making process, as well as the future of the Eastern Partnership. In addition, the participants worked on their public speaking skills, in preparation for the final presentations.

During the whole week, starting on the first day with the Policy Analysis Workshop, the participants divided into 4 groups researched and composed policy recommendations for the European Union in the following areas: migration crisis, Western Balkans, relations with Russia and Eastern Partnership. They presented them before the whole group and discussed the possible scenarios for the future. Finally, the participants met with Dr. Cezary Lusiński, Chief of Staff, Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, who presented them with diplomas.

EDW S 2017 Policy Recommendations – here you can read the EU policy recommendations written by the participants of the European Diplomacy Workshop.

More information about the program can be found HERE.