Adam Jarczyński

Adam Jarczyński

Savoir-vivre and etiquette trainer.

Director of the Polish Academy of Public Relations and the Polish Academy of Protocol and Etiquette. He has 8-year long experience in public relations. Acted as Spokesman of the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats and PR consultant of the European Foundation of Voluntary Blood Donors. Experienced also in market researches (SMG/KRC and in Millwardbrown CO).

Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
VII ZJAZD | 20 – 22 MAJA 2016 2 Days Maj 20, 2016
V ZJAZD| 1 – 3 KWIETNIA 2016 2 Days Kwiecień 1, 2016

Upcoming Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Social Media Workshop 23 - 24 July 2016 Lipiec 8, 2017