Middle East & North Africa

March 17, 2016
17 - 21 March 2016


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The Political Transformation Workshop: Middle East and North Africa is a five days course devoted to exploring the current transformational processes in the Middle East region and Northern Africa. The workshop will assess the current state of affairs, successes and failures of political and social transformation in countries undergoing turbulent political transformation.
The PTW: Middle East & North Africa is devoted to improving the understanding of the ongoing political transformational processes in the Middle East through development of expert level knowledge and communication skills. It derives its content from case studies form Middle East and North Africa. Participants, who will work with expert level trainers and practitioners drawing on their extensive experience in the region, will have the unique opportunity to combine theory and practice. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to knowingly discuss transformation, conflict and reconciliation challenges in the Middle East and North Africa. The communication skills portion of the program will give participants confidence and their natural abilities to play a leadership role.



  • Over 32 hours of workshops, simulations, discussions and meetings;
  • Small number of accepted participants (26) ensuring maximum contact with trainers and experts;
  • Unique combination of practice and theory, allowing participants to both participate in traditional lectures and engage in the learning process;



The PTW: Middle East & North Africa is designed for political and social leaders willing to share transition experience in their country, public servants, non-governmental representatives, graduate and post-graduate students wishing to specialize in broader Middle East region and political transformation issues as well as international relations professionals eager to acquire the communication training and skills to take on the world’s most demanding issues.


Course will include two days of workshops on public speaking and working with the media, tailored to meet the needs of young political and social leaders, NGOs representatives and public servants, aspiring to shaping the future of the region. During the main part of the training participants will have the chance to discuss case studies of political transformations in Central – Eastern Europe, South Africa and Middle East and gain deeper insight into prerequisites of successful transition and democratization. The participants will apply these skills to analyzing current political and social changes underway throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.



  Public Speaking Workshop
    March 17 
Political Transformation Workshop
March 18  
  • Public Speaking Workshop
  • Simulations
  • Successful public speaking
  • Conclusions
  • Sharing Eastern European transformation experiences
  • South Africa, Rwanda, Northern Ireland – rough path to reconciliation
  • Preconditions of successful national dialogue
Transformation in Middle East
March 19
Middle East in Transition – what comes next?
March 20
  • Egypt and growing role of political islam
  • Tunisia and Morocco – a model of peaceful transition?
  • Yemen – unity, separation or a failed state?
  • Sudan – South Sudan
  • Growing conservatism as a challenge for democratization?
  • Social changes and women’s role in the revolution
  • Security concerns and Western engagement in the region
Negotiations and Simulations
March 21
  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • Negotiations Do’s and Dont’s
  • Simulations
  • Evaluations & Summary
  • Graduation





Unless otherwise specifically stated, the workshop will be held in the conference rooms of the European Academy of Diplomacy located in Warsaw, Poland:

European Academy of Diplomacy

Ul. Oleandrow 6

00-629 Warsaw PL


Dates & Applications

The Political Transformation Workshop will be held from 17 – 21 March 2014.

Recruitment is now open.



€ 335 (without accommodation) or € 535 (with accommodation).

Fee includes courses, materials, coffee breaks, lunches, social events and certificate of completion.

*All participants are expected to arrange their own travel.