The Women in International Security for Eastern Partnership 2022

The Women in International Security for Eastern Partnership program is a project devoted to empower women and provide an opportunity to start their careers as leaders in the international security field.

September 1, 2022
3 months

The Women in International Security for Eastern Partnership project (WISEP) is designed to unite and empower women from Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries through the development and enhancement of their own leadership skills. The project will strengthen the position of women in international security and politics, as well as inspire, encourage and empower those women with the skills necessary to run their own projects in their own respective countries.

Participants will be given the opportunity to attend informative and inspiring workshops online, and will leave equipped with both the outstanding knowledge and the motivation from their peers and mentors to work towards gender equality in the politics and security fields in their respective countries.

The project targets young professionals and emerging leaders – women who have already shown both leadership potential and ambition. There will be a focus on enabling women in three core areas: personal, organizational, and empowering leadership.

Through this program, it is hoped that the Women in International Security (WIIS) organization will encourage the emergence of new chapters in the Eastern Partnership region, where women are underrepresented in political and security fields.

The project is organized thanks to the support of The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST) and the European Commission. 

Please note that the course will take place entirely online and is a full scholarship opportunity!
  • Leadership workshop session – divided into organizational leadership and personal leadership parts – builds leadership skills, self-confidence and assertiveness among participants, equipping them in necessary tools to lead their future projects; The topics that will be taken include (but are not limited to): Project/Time Management, Conducting Social Media Campaigns, Public speaking & Presentation skills, Implementing 1325 UN agenda in Eastern Partnership countries, Integrating women’s perspective in international negotiations.
  • Mentoring sessions – teaching participants how to mentor other women and share skills; 2 meetings with mentors per month during 2 months of the project, mentors who are women with international careers in fields of security, experienced in various elements of leadership such as decisiveness, strategic planning, and more
  • Summary meetings with previous cohort to establish a way forward

The application process is highly competitive and is addressed to applicants meeting the following requirements:

  • Profile: active women leaders and opinion-makers whose focus is essentially international security.

  • Nationality: Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine)

  • Age: between 25- 44 years old;

  • Language: English proficiency, at least B2 level (certificate not required);

  • Application Process: Fill in the application form with personal questions and an opinion-based question & attaching the applicant’s CV;

  • Be fully committed to participate in all stages of the program;

  • Candidates will be selected based on the information provided in their online application form.

The Women in International Security for Eastern Partnership is a full scholarship program.

  1. How to apply? If you are interested in applying please fill in the application form available in the Application Form tab.

  2. I have applied, but I haven’t received confirmation. Why? Check your spam folder for confirmation emails. Additionally, within two weeks of the application, you will receive a follow-up email with detailed information about the program.

  3. Should I have any special devices during the online course? During the online course, we are going to use the ZOOM platform which is available for everyone. Please make sure you have a good Internet connection during the online course and that your microphone and camera are working properly (having your camera on is required on every session).

  4. How much does the program cost? The program is a full scholarship initiative, with all fees covered. ATTENTION: we are not covering the cost of the VISA.

  5. How many participants will be selected for the program? The program will gather 30 women leaders (5 per each Eastern Partnership country).

For more information, please contact us by sending an email: msamburska@diplomats.pl.

The programme is targeted to professional women aged 25-44 with a vested interest in international security, who have a very good command of the English language. You will be asked to provide us with your statement of motivation (later as: statement) and answer a few opinion-based questions. To apply, please fill in the online Application form by August 14. 

The project is organized thanks to the support of The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST), and the European Commission.