Why choose EAD Language Courses?

EAD Language Program are professional and fully customizable programs, dedicated to meet the goals of individuals interested in honing and advancing their language skills. The EAD Language Programs aim to prepare individuals to discuss advanced topics in social and political issues relevant to the international business and relations’ professions, and for those wishing to sit and pass the Ministry of Foreign Affairs language examinations.


EAD language instructors use authentic materials and an interactive learning style that ensures participants develop the confidence necessary to take on the most difficult linguistic challenges. Materials are adapted from real life sources – The Economist, Foreign Affairs, Financial Times, BBC – specifically to the participant’s ability level, and work with professionals experienced in preparing students for MFA and international institutions language exams.

The content of the language programs

EAD Language Programs focus on all areas of language development, with a particular emphasis on summary writing – a key component in the Ministry exams, and strengthening discourse on specific subjects. Vocabulary and grammatical structures are tailored to compliment thematic socio-political discussion blocks. Students are encouraged to express and develop their personal opinions and instructed on how to professionally present them in a public forum.

Language exam of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Language Exams of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are designed to test the participants speaking and writing skills in socio-political specific language. Each exam is divided into two sections; writing and speaking:Writing Section:

  • Summary Writing

  • Text Translation

  • Expressing personal opinion on a given topic (3 choices)

  • Missing Word Gap Fill exercises (20 gaps).

Speaking Section:

  • Presentation Skills

  • Conducting briefs and presentations for recorded materials

  • Take the conversation on a given topic, usually associated with the content of the recording.