According to the needs of our business clients we have divided our trainings offer in following way: 

  1. Diplomatic Protocol in the European Union

  2. Protocol and Business Etiquette

  3. Conducting Effective Meetings with EU Officials

  4. Decision Making Process in European Union

  5. Lobbying in EU institutions

  6. Business Etiquette

  7. Organising Visits, Meetings, Press Conferences and Fairs

  8. Business Correspondence

  9. Public Speaking – Meetings and Press Conferences

  10. Intercultural Differences

  11. Etiquette

  12. Negotiations in International Environment

  13. Dress code and Image in the Office

  14. Cooperation with Media – interviews

  15. Public Speaking in international Environment

  16. Managing Multicultural Teams

  17. Savoir – Vivre in Business

  18. Business Correspondence

  19. Professional Secretariat

  20. Business Dress Code

  21. Acquiring investors in the Far East & Asia