Adam Bodnar

Adam Bodnar

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Poland (2015-2021)


Polish lawyer, publicist, academic teacher, politician, habilitated doctor of legal sciences, and human rights activist

In the years 2010–2015, vice president of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights; in the years 2015–2021, ombudsman; university professor at SWPS University; dean of the Faculty of Law of this university; and senator of the 11th term.

Adam Bodnar’s time as the ombudsman was marked by his staunch defense of legal principles and fundamental human rights, as evidenced by the invalidation of certain resolutions deemed contrary to these principles. Notable among his actions was the challenge against the movement restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing their unconstitutionality. 

Bodnar continues his public service by successfully running for the Senate in 2023 as a non-partisan candidate.