There are many possibilities for cooperation with the European Academy of Diplomacy to shape, create and inspire a new generation of conscious leaders in the international environment with us.

Over the years of its operation, the European Academy of Diplomacy has engaged in a number of valuable partnerships, thanks to which we can fulfill our programs at a higher level. Our partnerships are based not only on contributing to the development of a new generation of social and political leaders, but also on mutual support in building the foundations of a new and better world. EAD aspires to become a neutral ground for consensus of companies and organizations who want to actively engage in the promotion of responsible leadership in Europe and beyond.

We achieve our goals with the substantive support and inspiration that we draw from the members of the International Honorary Council, the Council of Ambassadors and other speakers. We are proud that such outstanding personalities of our time have accepted the invitation to the International Honorary Council. They provided their support for our actions and presented us with a living example of dedication to work for the defense of the idea of democracy in the world, the construction of a united Europe (without historical divisions) and the strengthening of transatlantic relations. The knowledge and experience of the diplomats who form the Council of Ambassadors, each specializing in one of diplomacy’s different fields, is an invaluable source of opinions and recommendations concerning our work and plans for the future.

In addition, the European Academy of Diplomacy, since its inception, is a field of intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, which is reflected by the Alumni Club : a platform of contact between young people seeking fulfillment in the career paths of diplomacy and international environment. EAD offers internships through which we share invaluable experience of working in an non-governmental organization.