Diplomatic Skills Masterclass

Multilateral Negotiations - Public Speaking - Speech Writing - Diplomatic Protocol - Personal Branding

July 8, 2019
5 days


Zuzanna Mazurek
Communications Specialist, Consultant, Coach & Trainer
Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland
Secretary General of the Council of Europe in September 2009-2019
Ilona Hunek
international negotiation trainer
Prof. Katarzyna Pisarska
Prof. Katarzyna Pisarska – Founder & Chair, EAD Board of Directors
Jason Worlledge
Community of Democracies. Governing Council Coordinator
Adam Jarczyński
Director of the Polish Academy of Public Relations and the Polish Academy of Protocol and Etiquette.


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The Diplomatic Skills Masterclass is designed for mid-career professionals from the international business, public administration and third sector. The course builds on previously acquired soft skills and presents an expanded set of topics that are designed to further prepare participants for the challenges and rigors of diplomacy, international business and working in multinational organizations in the 21st century.

During every edition, at least 12 countries are represented in a group of 20 participants. The diversity of backgrounds and nationalities ensures not only a perfect networking opportunity, but also a multifaceted perspective on all the issues covered during the program. The workshop is held in English.

MONDAY: Public Speaking, Speech Writing

TUESDAY: Leadership and Team Management

WEDNESDAY: Multilateral Negotiations

THURSDAY: Etiquette and Diplomatic Protocol; Written Communication

FRIDAY: Public Diplomacy


  • Minimum 24 years of age

  • Young to mid-career professionals

  • Very good command of English (speaking and writing).

To apply, please fill in the online APPLICATION FORM and attach your CV. Recruitment is open!

460 €

The registration fee includes:

  • 5 days of the courses and workshop materials

  • Lunches and coffee breaks

  • Certificate

All participants are expected to arrange their own travel and visas if necessary.

The bank information:
6 Oleandrow St.
00-629 Warsaw
Tax No. (NIP): 951-22-32-356
Bank: ING (ING Bank Śląski Oddział w Warszawie, Address: Malczewskiego 45, 02-622 Warszawa, Poland)
Account no/IBAN: PL 48 1050 1025 1000 0023 5815 6525
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Poland, Warsaw, 6 Oleandrow St.

If you need visa, please remember that you should plan the journey in advance. The visa procedure takes even 6-8 weeks.

Check the information at the Polish Embassy in your country.


India: Polish Embassy in India, New Delhi

Pakistan: Polish Embassy in Pakistan, Islamabad

Also, please go to FAQ “What should I do if I need visa?”

  1. How to apply? EAD: you should fill in the application form available HERE.

  2. I have applied, but I haven’t received the confirmation. Why? EAD: Check your spam folder for confirmation email. Additionally, within two weeks from application you will receive a follow-up email with detailed information about program and payment details.

  3. What should I do if I need visa? EAD: The procedure is more complicated. You should take into consideration that you need about month to obtain one. Once you make the payment, we will send you an official invitation. We suggest you make an appointment with the Consulate or Consular section right after receiving the payment information as the waiting times may reach several weeks.

  4. How much does the average accommodation cost in Warsaw? EAD: The average accommodation in Warsaw will costs about 200 PLN for a single room and 260 PLN for a twin room (about 50 euros). We do not include accommodation in the program, but we can give you recommendations for some hotels. WE can also help to find a roommate, another participant in the Diplomatic Skills Masterclass to help offset the cost. We will do this by creating a Facebook about three months before the training begins and through this page, you can look for a roommate.

  5. When will I receive the acceptance letter? EAD: Obtaining a visa is a process that will take about 6 weeks, but we can not start the process more than 12 weeks in advance of the program start date. Because of this, the acceptance letter will be sent to all hopeful participants about 12 weeks before the beginning of the training.

If not applicable, write \"Not applicable\"
If not applicable, write \"Not applicable\"
Current or completed studies

e-mail: executive_education@diplomats.pl

tel.: (+48 22) 378 11 97

For more information, please contact Ms. Natalia Czajkowska at nczajkowska@diplomats.pl or (+48 22) 378 11 97.