About the Club

About the Club

The EAD Alumni Club – Building a global network of young, high-potential and values oriented professionals!

The Alumni Club of the European Academy of Diplomacy aims to continue to strengthen and develop the EAD’s global network of young, high potential leaders, building on the personal and professional relationships developed during the programs at the EAD. The Alumni Club supports the mission and values of the EAD – empowering a new generation of enlightened international leaders through respect and dialogue, co-ownership, empowerment and ethical engagement – through the organization of special closed events, open conferences and annual alumni gatherings.

The Alumni Club is managed by the Regional Alumni Coordinators, under the guidance of the EAD Board of Directors. Regional Coordinators also serve as members of the Alumni Advisory Board, a non-legal governing body that convenes twice per year with the EAD Board of Directors to discuss promoting further alumni involvement, evaluation of EAD activities and contribute to the long-term strategic planning of the European Academy of Diplomacy.

The EAD Alumni Club collectively meets each year for the Annual Family Reunion, gathering members of the EAD Alumni club, along with members of the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats and experts of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation


  • Access to network of more than 1000 registered Alumni
  • 10% discount on all EAD trainings
  • Invitations to special events, including the Annual Family Reunion

To find out more information on open events organized by the EAD Alumni Club, please contact the EAD Alumni Coordinator or register for the EAD Alumni Club today!