Diplomatic Protocol

Protokół Dyplomatyczny

This training is intended for individuals seeking expert knowledge of diplomatic protocol and savoir-vivre


April 19, 2018
1-2 days


Jan Wojciech Piekarski
Trener z zakresu protokołu dyplomatycznego UE.
Hanna Suchocka
Premier RP (1992 - 1993), Ambasador RP przy Stolicy Apostolskiej (2001 - 2013)
Grzegorz Chmielewski
Diplomatic conferences and visits organization trainer.
Adam Jarczyński
Director of the Polish Academy of Public Relations and the Polish Academy of Protocol and Etiquette.
Bogumiła Więcław
Protokół dyplomatyczny

This training is intended for individuals seeking expert knowledge of diplomatic protocol and savoir-vivre: public administration employees, private sector representatives, students planning careers in the Polish Foreign Service and other individuals interested in diplomatic protocol.

During the lectures and workshops participants are trained to be able to organize receptions, meetings and conferences  and learn the rules of oversea ceremonial organization as well. The program includes also etiquette elements: courtesies, savoir-vivre, beverages, dress code and etiquette of official correspondence.

The course is designed by prominent figures in diplomatic protocol and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to diplomacy
  • Diplomatic protocol- general rules as well as rules specific to the European Union
  • Cultural differences in diplomatic framework
  • Organization of oversea ceremonial, official and occupational visits
  • Organization of receptions, meetings and conferences
  • Etiquette: courtesies, savoir-vivre, beverages, dress code
  • Etiquette of official mail
  • Participation in a specially prepared and catered celebration


Lessons take the form of: lectures and workshops, individual practice, case studies, discussions, individual consultations with experts and show buffet reception. The course is completed in two days (16 hours). Participants receive a package of training materials, both paper and electronic. Participation and completion of the course will be confirmed by certificate.

Trainers are also available for one-on-one consultations with program participants.

Enrollment for the course will continue until all places are filled. Sign up today!