Business & Diplomacy


Ilona Hunek
international negotiation trainer

The Business & Diplomacy program is designed for university students, young professionals and academia representatives who wish to advance their internationally-minded careers. It aims to refine the skill-set, specific knowledge, and genuine experience in the growing field of lobbying and economic diplomacy. By combining intensive lectures and interactive training modules with detailed analysis of current trade issues, the course offers a platform to engage with economic, political, legal, and cultural lenses. The hands-on exercises and simulations shall allow the participants to apply the theoretical concepts in practice, as well as question them in light of the difficulties related to multilateral negotiations in trade and commerce.

The Business & Diplomacy program features:

  • EU Lobbying
    EU Institutions and decision making process
    EU scene: stakeholders and decision makers
    Lobbying tools and strategies
    Communication in lobbying
  • Business Negotiations
    Full day of case study based simulations
  • Economic Diplomacy
    Introduction to economic diplomacy
    Domestic and external decision making
    Trade agreements
    Main trade blocks and organizations

Trainers and speakers

Mr. Daniel Gueguen is the Founder and Head of Strategy and Lobbying at PACT European Affairs, with 40 years of experience in EU public affairs. He created CLAN Public Affairs and the European Training Institute. Mr. Gueguen is the Former Director General of the European Sugar Manufacturers and former Secretary General of COPA-COGECA, the EU farmers’ union lobby. He has experience as a professor at the College of Europe in Bruges and Natolin, SciencePo Paris, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Harvard Kennedy School.

Dr. Ilona Hunek has twenty years of experience in working in the international environment. She is the Assistant Professor at Koźmiński University and is an active researcher and lecturer focusing on people and human issues in companies and international organizations. She is an accomplished coach in negotiations, strategic and international negotiations and a specialist in conflict resolution and diversity management.

Dr. Wiesław Karsz is one of the leading Polish specialists in economic diplomacy, serving the Polish trade envoy (Ambassador) to the WTO in 2003-2009. He was the Deputy head of the Polish Permanent Representation to the OECD in 2012-2014 and served for several years as the Director of the Department of Trade Defense Instruments at the Ministry of Economy. As an international trade expert, he has worked at the intersection of law and economics and been part of the WTO’s dispute settlements panels. He has also taught as a professor for Law & Economics and Jurisprudence at the University of Lodz.