Cultural differences (in-person)

The training is designed for those who maintain contact with representatives of other cultures by method of official meetings, negotiations and/or exchanging mail.

2,5 hours


Marta Brzezińska-Hubert
Intercultural Communication Trainer

The workshop was designed for those who maintain contact with representatives of other cultures through official meetings, negotiations and/or written communications. The training, thanks to the lecturers’ knowledge and extensive experience, is an excellent source of information on habits and customs of different cultures. It is aimed at eliminating communication barriers appearing as a result of cultural differences.

The workshop is 2,5 hours long. Its curriculum is prepared by highly esteemed diplomats being aware of the specifics of cultural differences and consists of four modules:

• The importance of cultural differences in the International Relations field: different ways of thinking, living and working as well as differences in behavior, stereotypes and working standards;
• Savoir-vivre in an international environment: beliefs, rules, and self-presentation in a business environment;
• Cultural differences in negotiation styles and preparation for international negotiations: dimensions in cultural negotiations, influence of cultural variables on negotiations and non-verbal communication;
• Conflict in the international milieu and ways to resolve it: types and styles of conflict resolution as well as interpersonal communication.

Time:/Duration: 2,5 hours of open training

Price (including VAT): 80 EUR/375 PLN


Better together: The full program of the Diplomatic Skills Masterclass (DSM), besides the Cultural Differences course, also consists of Public Speaking, Savoir-Vivre, Etiquette & Diplomatic Protocol, Leadership & Team Management and Study visits.
Price (for the whole DSM program including the Cultural Differences course): 270 EUR (including VAT). For more information on the Diplomatic Skills Masterclass see HERE.
Applications: intl@diplomats.pl