Change management

1 or 2 days

Change management is simply the management of change within an organisation. Easy to define, although difficult to implement and a major cause of conflict is handled badly


  •     Compelling Reason for Change

  •     Clear Vision and Objectives

  •     Context for Change

  •     Momentum

  •     Stakeholder Engagement

  •     Gaining alignment

  •     Embedding Change

  •     Sponsorship

  •     Emotional Responses

  •     Resistance to change and how to overcome it


Enable all participants to understand the topic to the extent of being able to explain it to colleagues and to have gained practical experience within a controlled environment


  • Slide presentation

  • Structured discussion

  • Case study, simulation, serious play


By the end of the course, participants will be able to explain the 9 change principles to colleagues and build a Change Plan