Energy Security Workshop


Jarosław Ćwiek-Karpowicz
Stosunki międzynarodowe na obszarze poradzieckim
Jason Worlledge
Community of Democracies. Governing Council Coordinator

The Energy Security Workshop provides an answer to the growing demand of energy expertise necessary to tackle the global challenges of the 21st century. The workshop is  designed to support participants with an interest in energy security and European energy policies. The program will deal with the latest developments and global trends in the energy sector, the geopolitics and the key challenges of the future. It is devoted to the interrelation between energy and security with a close examination of contemporary conflicts and crises. Through interactive tasks, participants will acquire skills essential for understanding and solving global issues and conflicts. Experts in the field will share their experiences and assist the participants to develop their own strategies.



  • Combination of lectures, interactive discussions and case studies
  • One day workshop on multilateral negotiation skills
  • Additional reinforcement of practical skills through series of simulations and team work
  • Stimulation of the participant’s engagement by way of discussions and presentations
  • Development of the participant’s own energy strategies using their existing knowledge as well as the expertise acquired in the training



  • Future local, national and regional policymakers from government agencies, international organizations, NGOs and multinational corporations
  • Graduate and post-graduate participants specializing in energy, security and geopolitics
  • Young professionals and emerging leaders with an interest in energy, security affairs and geopolitics



  • Provide the participants with an comprehensive understanding of global energy policies, key actors and major conflicts related to energy security
  • Develop ability to critically analyze contemporary energy and climate policy debates and the competence to engage into energy diplomacy
  • Equip participants with the necessary practical skills such as policy and risk analysis, strategic communication and team work
  • Reinforce negotiations and decision-making skills in regards to energy and security policy



EU Energy Security


National Perspectives on Energy Security


  • Energy in the 21st century – Global Issues, Trends and Actors
  • Introduction to EU Energy Policy
  • Energy Security in the EU
  • National Perspectives on Energy
  • Transatlantic Energy Relations
  • Round Table Discussion
Energy Security & Foreign Policy


Transnational Energy Conflicts
  • Energy Security in Foreign Policy
  • Energy as a Tool of Russian Foreign Policy
  • 2009 Gas Crisis and Reaction of the V4
  • Transnational Conflicts over Natural Resources
  • Case Study: Water Diplomacy and Conflict
  • Challenges and the Future of Energy Security
Negotiations & Graduation Ceremony


  • Introduction to International Negotiations
  • Negotiation Simulations
  • Evaluation
  • Graduation Ceremony