The Image of a Leader in Politics and Business (online: virtual classroom)

23 października, 2021
4 hours


Dr. Milena Drzewiecka
Academic teacher, Psychologist and Former political TV news reporter

The module will help participants to obtain the most up-to-date knowledge on who a true leader is from a psychological perspective: why what you see is all there is? *

Based on psychological research and case studies from business and politics, participants will be shown how to create, communicate and deliver the value of leadership. They will go through mistakes (not to repeat them) and victories (to learn the best), study bounded rationality of audience and basics of persuasion not only to make an impression but to make a difference with a professional style of (non)verbal communication.

Moreover, the second module will include the following topics to be discussed:

  • Super(wo)men vs. every(wo)men: candidate positioning in political elections;

  • Elaboration likelihood model, 6 rules of social influence and the role of framing;

  • Lessons from the past: political/business leaders’ mistakes and victories;

  • Between sympathy and respect: integrity vs. agency in leader’s image strategies;

  • Guidelines for the future: practical notes for a professional Zoom-image.

“What you see is all there is”- the sentence said by a Nobel prize laureate and great psychologist – Daniel Kahneman – which in the age of shortcuts, fake news, and social media, gains on meaning.


Open training: 4 hours