Polish for Women - Tuesdays from 10:00 to 12:00


October 28, 2019
12 meetings

European Academy of Diplomacy along with the Diplomatic Protocol of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites the representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Poland and their families for Polish Language Courses.

Group consists of 4-8 participants. The applicants are divided into groups according to their language skills verified by test.  As far as the number of participants allows it, we strive to secure their maximum comfort during the course by matching the groups according to the diplomatic function of the participants (eg. ambassadors’ group).

The classes focus on practical use of the language in speaking and reading. At the advanced level, the participants will discuss also political, social and economic issues in Polish.

Let’s talk in Polish during the day!

Informal meetings. The workshop focus on practical use of the language in speaking, listening and reading. The classes are held once a week. A class lasts for 2h (120 minutes). Group consists of 4-8 participants. Use of modern tools, eg. virtual classroom.

All materials are provided eg. book, notebook and are included in the participation fee. During classes will be using authentic materials.

Tuesdays from 10:00 to 12:00. In total 12 meetings. Dowload the Polish for Women A1 2018_2019 schedule in pdf.

700 PLN

600 PLN for diplomats and diplomats’ families

The diplomats interested in learning Polish are kindly asked to fill in REGISTRATION FORM  or send us an e-mail: executive_education@diplomats.pl.

e-mail: executive_education@diplomats.pl

tel.: (+48 22) 378 11 97