Becoming a Leader: Principle & Practice

Course Overview:

The three-day intensive course is designed to empower young emerging corporate leaders, who need to understand key challenges of leadership, as they assume more responsibility for their companies’ future.  By focusing on three critical areas – personal leadership, organizational leadership, and empowering leadership – the course allows participants to synthesize the learning into a coherent personal leadership philosophy that will be a basis for self-improvement in the future and will help them to undertake new roles within the company.


Key Topics:

The main objective of the course is to empower participants to navigate their institution through tomorrow’s challenges by:

  • Helping them to understand key challenges of leadership
  • Raising awareness of their leadership potential
  • Strengthening their interpersonal skills
  • „Leading out” what is already in the heads and hearts of participants


Program Benefits:

The participants will develop an understanding of the components that make leadership successful and gain insight into their personal strengths and weaknesses as future leaders. They will also learn how to build up, manage, and adapt personal style and behavior to a wider range of leadership situations. Finally, they will acquire new, practical skills which include public speaking and the use of networking tools such as mentoring. By doing so, the course will allow participants to gain the needed self-awareness and confidence necessary to create a personal philosophy of leadership which is critical for professional advancement.



  • Interactive classroom discussions and exercises
  • Case-studies
  • A Leadership Simulation
  • Reflection in small groups
  • Action-learning assignments