Effective Management Skills

Course Overview:

 This 10-hour, intense course is designed to provide participants –mid-level management – with the most up-to-date skills in effective management of their teams. As studies show, one of the main reasons of team dissatisfaction with their leaders are their weak organizational capabilities and lack of proper communication, including giving feedback and recognition. The training will allow participants to better set priorities, delegate, motivate and develop individuals and teams by coaching them to become top performers and communicate objectives and goals.


Key Topics:

 Evaluating your personal management style

  • Effective Time Management: Planning and structuring priorities
  • Effective Delegation: The Art of Delegation
  • Building Good Teams
  • The Art of Motivation in a Company (Mentoring & Coaching)


Learning Methodology:

  • Interactive classroom discussions and exercises
  • Role-Playing
  • Reflection in small groups
  • Action-learning assignments

Learning objectives

The course will develop and refine management and supervisory skills of participants by empowering them to find responses to the following questions:

  • How am I managing my time and responsibilities?
  • How am I managing the time and responsibilities of my team?
  • What is the case & cure for micromanagement? How to delegate better?
  • How can I become an expert on the people I manage?
  • How can I strengthen my specific interpersonal skills (change leadership, building & motivating teams)