Etiquette and Diplomatic Protocol

July 12, 2018
1 day


Urszula Gacek
Member of the Polish Senate (2005- 2007) and Member of the European Parliament (2007-2011)

The course is specifically tailored for those who want to gain professional knowledge of planning, coordinating and managing high level visits. It provides the necessary expertise in diplomatic protocol, appropriate behaviour, handling emergencies and dealing with foreign firms. Led by experienced, world-class lecturers, the program guarantees effective learning outcomes for all its participants.


Key topics:

  • dealing with domestic and foreign agencies
  • establishing a schedule
  • handling emergencies
  • etiquette and protocol when dealing with foreign cultures
  • basics of diplomatic protocol: precedence, greetings and goodbyes, giving and receiving gifts, savoir-vivre, dealing with embarrassing situations
  • appropriate behaviour at work – dress code, punctuality, confidentiality, treatment of superiors and juniors
  • appropriate behaviour after work – diplomatic socializing, the art of “small talk”, use of alcohol


Learning methodology:

The course offers a well-balanced approach by combining theoretical elements, such as lectures with practical ones, including case studies of presidential and prime ministerial visits. A highly personal and flexible nature of the program combined with experienced lecturers guarantees maximum benefit for every student.


Program benefits:

Upon the completion of the program, the participants will:

  • acquire the basics of diplomatic protocol
  • master professional preparation of high-level visits
  • comprehend the importance of savoir-vivre

Price: 590 PLN / 140 EUR

Special price for students: 490 PLN / 120 EUR