Negotiation skills

1 or 2 days


Dariusz Wawrzeniecki
Motivation and preparation for selection procedures trainer.

Negotiation skills – Win win negotiation enabling long term cooperation.


  • Understanding the interests, priorities and end aims of all the parties involved

  •  Pre-negotiation preparation

  •  Bias and cultural differences

  • Dealing with irrational and illogical people

  • Effective listening and the need for clarification

  • Making an exploratory offer

  • Finding common ground

  • How to manage colleagues

  • Knowing when to walk away


Enable all participants to negotiate effectively


  • Slide presentation

  • exercises

  • role play, simulation, serious play


  • upon completion participants should be able to

  • negotiate more effectively in a formal and informal setting

  • feel confident in negotiations

  • learn how to influence others

  • build ongoing business relations with all parties

  • focus on win win scenarios