Polish Culture - Cross Cultural Training

Polish Culture - Cross Cultural Training

The general aim of the training:

Participants understand the Polish cultural context both in professional and personal life (knowledge). They are more competent in dealing with acculturation process and cross-cultural communication (skills). They are more confident in culturally ambiguous situations (attitudes).

Additional aim: strengthening the work environment that is free from stereotypical constructions of reality and builds on a cultural diversity (taking it as a resource not as barrier).

Benefits for participants:

  • better understanding of cultural values, norms, behaviors influencing social and professional relations in Poland

  • improved skills in intercultural business communication and cooperation in team

  • deeper awareness of acculturation strategies and other cross-cultural processes

 Proposed program of the training: 

  • Own cultural determinants and biases influencing cultural integration in Poland

  • Dealing with cross-cultural processes (cultural shock, personal strategies in dealing with ambiguity and change)

  • Polish etiquette and customs

  • Dimensions of culture influencing business and social relations in Poland

  • Communicating with Polish people: verbally, non-verbally, virtually

  • Practical information on living and working in Poland

  • Communication in  conflict situation: approaches, strategies, conflict style cultural inventory

Additional topics :

  • Working in intercultural team – how to benefit from cultural diversity

  • How to learn Polish effectively

  • How to integrate successfully with the local community in Poland


  • discussions

  • simulation games

  • case studies

  • interactive presentation

  • culture-specific role plays

  • audiovisual material analysis

Training materials and handouts for participants will be provided.

Polish Culture – Cross Cultural Training, Polish Culture – Cross Cultural Training, Polish Culture – Cross Cultural Training