Public speaking (online: virtual classroom)

Wystąpienia publiczne

April 14, 2021
6 hours


Zuzanna Mazurek
Skuteczna komunikacja, storytelling, podnoszenie efektywności w zespole
Individuals who are good public speakers seem professional, knowledgeable, and appear to be experts in their fields. They tend to have faster-progressing careers and a better understanding of the ideas that they promote. However, public speaking is often a source of fear and many of us avoid it at all costs.
The good news is that it can be learned. If you commit to showing to our workshop, our public speaking coach will lead you through her expertise and many years of experience. You are bound to advance fast! Even if you are a seasoned speaker, our training is likely to shed new light on the art of public speaking and help you develop new skills. This is especially thanks to the individualized approach to each student. 
Our public speaking training is designed for fluent speakers of English.


Aim of the training

During the workshop, we will dive into the qualities that make a speech memorable; we will discuss how to open and close it. We will also reflect upon how to prepare a speech and will experiment with storytelling as a means of building rapport with the audience. We will talk about difficult situations that may arise and how to handle them. As we meet to explore and learn, you will also have an opportunity to practice your speeches in a “laboratory environment” that is free from judgment. And finally, we will work on fear and stress that usually accompany speakers, as well as dissecting beliefs that may hamper your full success.


Training program

Public speaking – its value and my motivation
• Why people want to develop their public speaking skills
• What motivates me to become a better public speaker
• Building natural authority

Where do I begin – rules for creating engaging speeches
• What makes a good speech
• How to make an opening – what does my audience want to hear
• What does science say about public speaking
• How to communicate effectively

Let me tell you a story
• Why storytelling works
• How to tell stories that engage
• True or fictional stories – what to choose
• Storytelling canvas – using templates

Non-verbal communication
• Verbal and non-verbal communication synergy
• How to appear more confident
• Body language – tips and tricks

Difficult situations – how to handle them
• How to behave in difficult situations
• How to answer a difficult question
• Examples

How to set for success
• Voice exercises
• How to conquer your fear and rising stress
• Limiting beliefs – what they are and what to do with them
• What to do just before the speech
• Get out and speak

Open training: 6 hours

Price (open training): 70 EUR/315 PLN


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