Working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland

Praca w MSZ


September 16, 2017


Praca w MSZ
Miłosz J. Zieliński
Procedury rektutacyjne do polskiej służby zagranicznej
Jan Wojciech Piekarski
Były Przewodniczący Rady Ambasadorów, Ambasador w Pakistanie (1984 - 1989), Belgii & Luksemburgu (1998 - 2002) & Izraelu (2003 - 2006)
Dariusz Wawrzeniecki
Motivation and preparation for selection procedures trainer.

This training caters to those envisioning themselves working for the Polish foreign service, training them to fulfill required diplomatic and consular duties for Ministry of Foreign Affairs employees. This course enables students to familiarize themselves with the structure and specifics of working for the MFA and with the hiring process, placing special emphasis on the practical aspects of the selection process. During the training, each student has the opportunity to assess his or her knowledge with a diplomatic-consular application practice test which is based on actual tests given to MFA candidates.

The classes will take the form of lectures and workshops, practice tests, and individual consultations with experts. During classes the following topics will be discussed:
–    current MFA personnel policy;
–    diplomatic-consular application at the MFA;
–    specifics of working in the Polish foreign service;
–    psychology of the hiring process – how to increase chances of getting hired.

The trainers represent various departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:  Personal Affairs Officers, European Union Department employees, Department of Political Security employees. The participants will also be trained by a  psychologist  specializing in recruitment  interviews.

During the last trainings the lecturers were a/o:

Małgorzata Banat-Adamiuk– Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Joanna Sztubert – Department of European Policies at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Justyna Słodek-Wahlström – agency UE FRONTEX, former employee of Department of European Union at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Maciej Świeściak – Foreign Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dariusz Wawrzeniecki– psychologist  specializing in recruitment