We benefit from the knowledge and expertise of diplomats, academics and politicians in our efforts to promote the ideals and values of professional and independent diplomacy. At the European Academy of Diplomacy we had the honour to host many prominent world-leaders, opinion-makers and opinion-shakers.

Some of our permanent and visiting speakers and trainers are members of the EAD International Honorary Council or theEAD Council of Ambassadors. The members of the Counclis support the Academy with their knowledge and experience in adjusting the EAD’s programs to current challenges of modern diplomacy.

Adam Balcer

Balkans, Turkey and the Commonwealth of Independent States trainer.

Grzegorz Chmielewski

Diplomatic conferences and visits organization trainer.

Radosław Ciszewski

Working with medias trainer.

Dominik P. Jankowski

Security policy, international organizations and policy papers writing trainer.

Adam Jarczyński

Savoir-vivre and etiquette trainer.

Piotr Bogusław Jędrzejczak

Public speaking trainer.

Bartosz Komasa

Cultural differences trainer.

David Koschel

Negotiations in international environment trainer.

Janusz Niesyto

Member of the EAD Council of Ambassadors.

Jerzy M. Nowak

Member of the EAD Council of Ambassadors.

Jan Wojciech Piekarski

Head of the the Council of Ambassadors

Zbigniew Pisarski

Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)

President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, co-founder and Program Director of the European Academy of Diplomacy.

Magdalena Rodziewicz

Polish language for diplomats trainer.

Mona Shair

Public speaking and presentation trainer.

Krzysztof Śliwiński

Member of the EAD Council of Ambassadors.

Paweł Świeboda

EU integration process trainer.

Maciej Świeściak

Selection procedure to Polish foreign service trainer.

Dariusz Wawrzeniecki

Motivation and preparation for selection procedures trainer.

Agata Szkiela

Senior lecturer of intercultural dimension of diplomacy and cultural differences in business environment