Leadership Skills Masterclass

January 29, 2018
5 days


Dr. Katarzyna Pisarska
Founder and Director
Mona Shair
Public speaking and presentation trainer.
Jason Worlledge
Trener Europejskiej Akademii Dyplomacji.
Radosław Ciszewski
Working with medias trainer.


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Executive Courses

The five-day intensive course is designed to empower emerging corporate leaders, who need to understand key challenges of leadership, as they assume more responsibility for their companies’ future.  By focusing on three critical areas – personal leadership, organizational leadership and empowering leadership  – the course allows participants to synthesize the learning into a coherent personal leadership philosophy that will be a basis for self-improvement in the future and will help them to undertake new roles within their company.

Program Benefits:

The course will:

  • provide participants with practical leadership skills, which include communication, effective management, teambuilding, coaching, mentoring and others;

  • allow participants to gain the needed self-awareness and confidence necessary to create a personal philosophy of leadership which is critical for professional advancement;

  • create a unique international peer-to-peer learning environment for emerging leaders.


  • Interactive classroom discussions and exercises

  • Case-studies

  • A Leadership Simulation

  • Reflection in small groups

Action-learning assignments


 ·         Introduction to leadership (3 hours)

 As part of the first module participants will develop an understanding of the definition of leadership and the components that make leadership successful. They will also gain insight into emotional intelligence, as well as their personal strengths and weaknesses as future leaders. Finally, they will learn how to build up, manage, and adapt personal style and behavior to a wider range of leadership situations.

 ·         Leadership communication (3 hours)

 This module is designed to provide participants  with an introduction to effective leadership communication. As studies show, the top two primary reasons why team members dislike their boss are: poor communication and lack of recognition. The training will allow participants to better understand the communication process, the role of emotional intelligence in leading teams and will offer a set of exercises sharpening specific leadership skills such as providing feedback.



 ·         Effective management  (6 hours)

 This module  helps participants to obtain the most up-to-date skills in effective management of their teams. The training will allow participants to better set priorities, delegate, motivate and develop individuals and teams by coaching them to become top performers and communicate objectives and goals. It will also focus on effective time management



 ·         Teambuilding (3 hours)

 Effective team building is based on trust and loyalty. Through a system of exercises and tasks a group of individuals can be transformed into an effective team.  The module will explain the basic mechanism of teambuilding and propose practical tools for its implementation at work. 



 ·         Leadership ethics (3 hours)

 This module is a guide to some of the most important ethical issues that arise in leadership situations. Ethical leadership is leadership that is directed by respect for ethical beliefs and values and for the dignity and rights of others. It is thus related to concepts such as trust, honesty, consideration, charisma and fairness. The module is designed to provide participants with much-needed space to reflect on personal and company values, principles and ethical dilemmas central to their day-to-day work, with the goal of improving their leadership skills and motivation.

 ·         Coaching and Mentoring (3 hours)


 Day 5

·         Working with media (6 hours)

 The module is designed to improve participants’ ability to speak in front of the camera and give interviews. It is a basic compendium of information on how to work with the media – both national and international. The workshop consists of three parts: vocal pedagogy, working with the camera and cooperation with the media. The module provides its participants with the skills, which help overcome stress, control the course of an interview and inflect the voice in order to make it more reliable and convincing. The participants will also learn how to avoid common mistakes made when working with the media.


  • Minimum 25 years of age

  • Young to mid-career professionals

  • Very good command of English (speaking and writing).

To apply, please fill in the online APPLICATION FORM and attach your CV

All participants are expected to arrange their own travel and visas if necessary. EAD will provide visa invitation letters.

If you need visa, please remember that you should plan the journey in advance. The procedure takes 6-8 weeks.

Check the information at the Polish Embassy in your country.


India: Polish Embassy in India, New Delhi

Pakistan: Polish Embassy in Pakistan, Islamabad

490 euro



  • 5 days of the courses and workshop materials

  • Lunches and coffee breaks

  • Certificate

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