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Public speaking (in-person)

Individuals who are good public speakers seem professional, knowledgeable, and appear to be experts in their fields. They tend to have faster-progressing careers and a better understanding of the ideas that they promote. However, public speaking is often a source of fear and many of us avoid it at all costs. The good news is [...]

Diplomatic Skills Masterclass (in-person)

Public Speaking – Etiquette & Diplomatic Protocol – Cultural Differences – Public Diplomacy – Leadership – Savoir-vivre

Savoir Vivre and Diplomatic Protocol (in-person)

The course is specifically tailored for those who want to gain professional knowledge of planning, coordinating, and managing high-level visits. It provides the necessary expertise in diplomatic protocol, appropriate behaviour, handling emergencies, and dealing with foreign firms. Led by experienced, world-class lecturers, the program guarantees effective learning outcomes for each and every participant. Key topics: [...]

Leadership & Team Management (in-person)

Course Overview: This 3-hour intensive course is designed to provide participants with an introduction to effective leadership communication. As studies show, the two primary reasons for which team members dislike their bosses are poor communication and lack of recognition. This workshop will allow participants to improve their understanding of the communication process. It will elaborate [...]

Cultural differences (in-person)

The training is designed for those who maintain contact with representatives of other cultures by method of official meetings, negotiations and/or exchanging mail.

European Diplomacy Workshop (in-person)

The European Diplomacy Workshop is a 4-day intensive program devoted to the European Union Foreign Policy.