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Public Speaking and Speech Writing

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech”, Mark Twain once said. Today, we may not have that much time, as our world „spins much faster” than that of Twain and his contemporaries. One thing remains true however, if you want to sound natural, almost carefree and be perceived as someone who can deliver a good speech at almost any time, you need to be well-prepared. During the Public Speaking and Speech Writing training, we will dive into the qualities that make a speech memorable, or simply good. We will also dwell on how to prepare a speech in writing and not to forget […]

Diplomatic Skills Masterclass

Multilateral Negotiations – Public Speaking – Speech Writing – Diplomatic Protocol – Personal Branding

International Multilateral Negotiation

The aim of the course “International Multilateral Negotiation” is to present the participants with the knowledge on negotiation as a multi-party decision-making process. During the course the participants will be presented with the knowledge on key elements of negotiation (interests, BATNA, issues, criteria, propositions, commitments, relationships) as well as a tool for preparation for negotiation. Particular attention will be given to the process of coalition building and value creation in a multi-party negotiation. The participants will also have an opportunity to practice their negotiation skills in the simulation game that will be played during the second part of the course. The purpose of the game is to allow the participants to get experience as negotiators in […]