Personal Branding and Social Media


Zuzanna Mazurek
Communications Specialist, Consultant, Coach & Trainer


If you want to succeed in your professional career, you need to build your brand. Research shows that individuals with a developed brand maximize their employability and secure greater lifetime achievements. Some say that everyone has a personal brand. Yet, rarely people are aware of it and thus hardly any manage it in a strategical, consistent and effective way.

One thing is to learn the ways and techniques to build a strong brand. Yet another to know exactly what kind of brand you want to become and as such be perceived. During the training we will look at the „how” part. But we will also work on the kinds of brands you may want to be with the help of marketing tools that the biggest and most successful brands on the commercial market use. As building a personal brand in the 21st century cannot be achieved without communicating in the social media, we will also make sure you get a clear picture on how to benefit from all the good that this channel gives you.

So, whether you want to advance your career, be promoted or get a dream job, now is the time to start building your brand as it will pay off in the future.

European Academy of Diplomacy | EAD

The European Academy of Diplomacy (EAD) is the first non-governmental, non-for-profit diplomatic academy in Europe, with a mission of shaping, sharpening and inspiring a new generation of enlightened international leaders.
​Since its inception in 2004 and with over 9500 graduates from more than 120 countries, EAD offers the highest quality tailor-made programs at graduate, post-graduate and executive levels. Renowned for its teaching methods, international faculty and distinguished speakers, the EAD prepares diplomats, civil servants, political and social leaders, as well as representatives of businesses, academia and the non-governmental sector for the challenges of a globalizing and ever changing world. As partner of the Council of Europe and a member of the Network of Schools of Political Studies, the European Academy of Diplomacy focuses on promoting democratic values, human rights and rule of law.

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