European Academy of Diplomacy is the Idea Partner of 2023 Freedom Games

European Academy of Diplomacy is the Idea Partner of 2023 Freedom Games

We are very pleased to share some exciting news! The European Academy of Diplomacy has been invited by the organizers of the 2023 Freedom Games, to join them as the Idea Partner for this unique cultural and intellectual forum. This extraordinary event brings together people who are curious about the world, hungry for new ideas and interested in the development of society, culture and business.

The organizer of this prestigious event is the Liberté Foundation – an institution that has been actively contributing to the development of public debate, support for culture and inspiration for social action. The event will be held in Łódź on 15-17 September 2023. You can learn more on the website:

We are also delighted to share that the founder of EAD, prof. Katarzyna Pisarska, will have the pleasure of participating in a panel on “Geopolitics and Security in Europe,” where key issues affecting our reality will be discussed. 

The Freedom Games is an initiative that aims to create a creative meeting space for people from different fields – culture, business and public life. It is a platform for discussing the most important challenges facing Western societies in the 21st century. It is an opportunity to exchange views, confront thoughts and create the future together.

The 2023 Freedom Games will feature a number of prominent speakers from various fields. Among them are such personalities as Jonathan Littell, Anne Applebaum, Anda Rottenberg, and Michael Ignatieff. These are just some of the many fascinating figures who will share their knowledge and perspectives at this remarkable event.

This is a truly inspiring opportunity that will allow us not only to participate in important discussions, but also to co-create a unique event that brings together different spheres of life, knowledge and passion.


Together we are creating the future and inspiring change!