Working for the European Union


2 days

This training is targeted at those pursuing careers in European Union institutions. During the training, students take part in sessions led by professional instructors from Poland and France (L’École Nationale d’Administration) who deal with preparing individuals for the hiring process for careers in European institutions as well as by individuals who have already successfully been hired and are willing to share their knowledge and experience about the process. Students have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained from their training to mock tests modeled after actual tests given during the hiring process. Some of the lectures are held in English.

–    An introductory lecture on Polish employment in European institutions from the perspective of national administration;
–    European institutions’ hiring procedures;
–    Advice for the written and oral components of these procedures;
–    Quantitative and qualitative multiple choice tests (MCQ);
–    Use of psychology in the hiring process – how to improve the chances of getting hired.Lecturers
The lectures will be held by the representatives of the Centre of European Studies in Strasbourg (L’École Nationale d’Administration), Department of Coordination of Poland’s Presidency in the EU Council (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the European Commission Representation in Poland.