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The principal aim of this subject is to introduce to the basics of doing business online. Additionally show new horizons for company strategies. To give new tools for strategy building. The participants will receive many examples of new possibilities to create long term strategic advantage. At the end participants should be able to generate new […]

Personal Branding and Social Media

If you want to succeed in your professional career, you need to build your brand. Research shows that individuals with a developed brand maximize their employability and secure greater lifetime achievements. Some say that everyone has a personal brand. Yet, rarely people are aware of it and thus hardly any manage it in a strategical, […]

Change management

Change management is simply the management of change within an organisation. Easy to define, although difficult to implement and a major cause of conflict is handled badly Topics     Compelling Reason for Change     Clear Vision and Objectives     Context for Change     Momentum     Stakeholder Engagement     Gaining alignment     Embedding Change     Sponsorship […]

New Security Leaders

The New Security Leaders program is a leadership development program for mid-career, high potential leaders from foreign policy, defense and security fields. NSL candidates will work with mentors – world leaders, global thinkers and experts – to discuss the pressing global security challenges. The New Security Leaders program is co-organized by European Academy of Diplomacy [...]

Diplomatic Protocol in Poland

We would like to invite you to a unique training course: Diplomatic Protocol in Poland and in the European Union ran by an experienced trainer and professional in this field: ambassador Jan Wojciech Piekarski. Do not miss the opportunity for an intense acquiring of the knowledge necessary to everyone that works or is interested in […]

Social Media Workshop

– Overview of social media platforms
– Creation of content
– Campaign planning
– Crisis management

Business & Diplomacy

The Business & Diplomacy program is designed for university students, young professionals and academia representatives who wish to advance their internationally-minded careers. It aims to refine the skill-set, specific knowledge, and genuine experience in the growing field of lobbying and economic diplomacy. By combining intensive lectures and interactive training modules with detailed analysis of current […]

Working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland

This training caters to those envisioning themselves working for the Polish foreign service, training them to fulfill required diplomatic and consular duties for Ministry of Foreign Affairs employees. This course enables students to familiarize themselves with the structure and specifics of working for the MFA and with the hiring process, placing special emphasis on the […]

Polish Culture – Cross Cultural Training

The general aim of the training: Participants understand the Polish cultural context both in professional and personal life (knowledge). They are more competent in dealing with acculturation process and cross-cultural communication (skills). They are more confident in culturally ambiguous situations (attitudes). Additional aim: strengthening the work environment that is free from stereotypical constructions of reality […]

Savoir-vivre in the world of wine

A speciallized training dedicated for those who wish to develop their knowledge, and pallate, in the world of wine.

Social Media

Social Media Training for Public Diplomacy is a two – day intensive course, which aims to improve the skills necessary for preparing and carrying out social media campaigns.

Western Balkans & Turkey

The Political Transformation Workshop: Western Balkans & Turkey is a weeklong course devoted to exploring the current transformational processes in the Western Balkans region and Turkey from the European Union perspective. The School is designed to assess the current state of affairs, successes and failures of both the policies of Turkey and Western Balkan states, […]

Transitional Diplomacy – A Diplomat’s Handbook

Overview “Transitional Diplomacy: A Diplomat’s Handbook” – a joint project between the Community of Democracies and the European Academy of Diplomacy – is a program designed for mid-career diplomats to aid in the development of a professional toolkit to be used while working with stakeholders of countries in transition. The program is based on the […]

Middle East & North Africa

The Political Transformation Workshop: Middle East and North Africa is a course devoted to exploring the current transformational processes in the Middle East region and Northern Africa. The workshop will assess the current state of affairs, successes and failures of political and social transformation in countries undergoing turbulent political transformation. The PTW: Middle East & North […]

Commercial Diplomacy Workshop

The European Academy of Diplomacy is pleased to announce its inaugural Commercial & Economic Diplomacy training course to begin in 2015

Women & Leadership

Women and Leadership jest tygodniowym międzynarodowym kursem EAD, mającym na celu kształtowanie nowej generacji kobiet – asertywnych, silnych i pewnych siebie – będących w stanie pokonać bariery, które uniemożliwiają im w pełni realizować potencjał, z jakim mogłyby oddziaływać na otaczającą ich rzeczywistość społeczną.

Effective negotiations in the international environment

This training is designed for those willing to gain expert knowledge of leading and participating in two- or many-sided negotiation processes in the international environment.

Intercultural communication

Intercultural communication is a one- or two-day training aimed at understanding the role of culture and its impact on functioning in multicultural environment and communication between workers or partners from different cultures. The workshop focuses attention on the challenges of multicultural crossroads at the workplace.

Energy Security Workshop

The Energy Security Workshop provides an answer to the growing demand of energy expertise necessary to tackle the global challenges of the 21st century. The workshop is  designed to support participants with an interest in energy security and European energy policies. The program will deal with the latest developments and global trends in the energy […]

Introduction to international negotiations

The training is intended for individuals interested in leading and taking part in negotiations

Working for the European Union

This training is targeted at those pursuing careers in European Union institutions. During the training, students take part in sessions led by professional instructors from Poland and France (L’École Nationale d’Administration) who deal with preparing individuals for the hiring process for careers in European institutions as well as by individuals who have already successfully been […]

Language Courses for Companies

European Academy of Diplomacy offers custom and unique language training programs, distinguished by our expert teachers, modern methodology, competitive prices and exceptional results. The EAD’s programs have one of the highest success rates and are considered to be of the most professional on the market. TOPICS Topics of standard language classes contain vocabulary from the […]

Practice of effective contacts and meetings with foreign partners

The training is designed for public administration junior employees in charge of maintaining everyday contact with their counterparts from European Union countries.

Acquiring investors in far eastern Asia – cultural differences

Training is addressed to representatives of institutions responsible for the regional economic development (local self-government units, local development agencies, entrepreneurship centers, entities managing the industrial and technological parks, companies interested in cooperation with enterprises in the Far East Asia).

Spring School of Diplomatic Skills

– Bilateral negotiations
– Public diplomacy
– Social media campaigns
– Public speaking
– Savoir-vivre

School of Advanced Diplomatic Skills

– Multilateral negotiations
– Public diplomacy
– Social media campaigns
– Team building and management
– Advanced public speaking

VSPS Migration Program

The 2016 VSPS Annual Program „Perceptions of migration in Visegrad School and Germany” (VSPS Migration Program) is designed to influence and shape the public debate on migration in Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. During 4 sessions, the program takes 20 young leaders to 4 cities in 3 countries, where they will attend workshops, discussions and meetings covering different aspects of migration.

Intensive summer language courses

Intensive Summer Language Courses contain topics and vocabulary from the field of diplomacy, economy, media and social life.

Chinese Language

Friday evenings with Chinese Basics of Chinese language with elements of Chinese culture European Academy of Diplomacy is pleased to present an innovative way of acquiring language skills: participants  not only learn the basics of a new language, but also will have a chance to get to know the culture of the country. We believe […]